“The Small Job Home Repair Specialist.”

Welcome to The Town Handyman featuring the complete home repair & maintenance services of Fred Ferguson. We provide expert small job home repair services exclusively the Twenty Road retirement community of The Villages of Glancaster. I have been a lifetime local area resident and have well over 40 years experience in all aspects of the construction trades and detailed home finishing.

Whatever the type of repair service you need, we are always happy to offer you a free consultation and free estimates. Our goal is to assist you in finding the best solution to suit your specific needs.


August Maintenance Tips

  • Summer is the perfect time to clean and stain your deck. Not only does it look good but adds years to its life.
  • Set your ceiling fans to blow down in the summer to get the benefit of the cooling air.
  • Now is a good time to check your patio, deck or fence for any needed repairs extending its serviceable life by years.
  • Clean your exhaust fans for your bath and kitchen vents, Simply remove the cover and clean the fan blades making them more efficient.
  • Clean your dryer vents. Not only does a blocked vent make your dryer inefficient, it can potentially lead to fire.
  • Take an hour to walk around your home with a notepad in hand, taking inventory of gaps and cracks. Experts estimate that you can save 20% on heating and cooling bills by plugging leaks.
  • Have you noticed your doors sticking with our seasonal change. These can easily be planed to fit like new.
  • Change your furnace filter regularly, they get dirtier in the summer with the A/C running and more doors and windows open.
  • Do you fee overrun with household clutter? Now is a good time to plan workshop and garage organizers to gain control.

Handyman Services

Our goal is to provide people with an affordable alternative to everyday household repairs and maintenance problems using a professional approach towards customer satisfaction. Our vast experience and prompt efficiency affords you excellent value. All jobs are done as a flat rate quote so you know exactly how much it will cost prior to the work being done.

Servicing our local area with professionalism doing the small jobs that the general contractor doesn’t have the time or inclination to do. We are the small job home repair & maintenance specialists.